4 Reasons Why You Will Shift To Dedicated Web Hosting Now

The web hosting industry is growing in importance these days. For several years, the web-hosting providers are introducing cheaper plans to the users on the budget. Thus, at the present time, we can see huge varieties of web hosting plans around you making you confused which one to choose from. There is two important type of web hosting- one is the shared and the other one is the dedicated web hosting. The companies that want to save money on hosting, they usually prefer the shared hosting. The companies that need total control over the server, they look for the dedicated server.

The dedicated servers like that of inxyhost dedicated servers are more reliable and user-friendly than the other varieties available. With the use of the dedicated web hosting server, you can have total control over the server, it is more secure and there will be no one to control your resources. Thus, here will be discussed some of the reasons why you will shift to dedicated web hosting from your normal shared hosting for your business-

inxyhost dedicated servers

  1. Having more resources and fewer problems

With the use of the dedicated servers, you are getting more bandwidth level than the normal VPS hosting. Along with it, you are getting the dedicated RAM and the processor power. This means that the server is just your own server. However, talking about the shared hosting, your server is being shared with the other users.

  1. Having good growth expectations

If you want to experience good expectations to your business, then you can definitely use the dedicated servers. When you have the dedicated server, you will see that the website traffic has grown very fast then you have expected. Hence, it will make sense that you can choose the dedicated servers over the shared ones.

  1. Highly customizable

When you are using the dedicated server, you can get the freedom of making it highly customized. If you want some specialized web applications for your business, you can use the dedicated server for your website. You can customize it in an easy way and the cost is simple as well.

  1. Reliable and secured server

The shared servers are not reliable and not secured. The units that are sharing the server can have control over the server whenever they wish to. But, in the case of the dedicated server, you are getting reliable access to the server and it is secured as well.

The dedicated hosting offers stable, customizable and speedy hosting environment that you no longer find anywhere. It is less susceptible to hacking or any type of online threats. Thus, if you want to see a huge change in your website performance, you can choose the inxyhost dedicated servers for your business.