People had been using fax to communicate for a long time. While faxing has been one of the most sought communication sources, those ancient fax machines and using a dedicated line to send and receive faxes has become history. We’ve made it to the time where faxes have hit the internet pretty much like everything else. This being said, every new-bee would wonder what exactly online fax is, and how do you fax. So, to clear the fogs for you, here are the most frequently asked questions about online fax.

Do I need special equipment in order to send faxes online?

The answer is no. Gone are the days of having to buy a fax machine in order to go about faxing. Now, all you need to communicate through faxing is signing up for an online fax service provider out of a number of them that provide the services. You also need an email account so that you can use it to send and receive faxes. You don’t have to purchase any special equipment for this.

Can my existing fax number be ported to the online fax service?

Yes, a number of fax service providers let you port your already existing fax number instead of having to get a new one. This is helpful since you don’t have to update your fax number as a lot of people, and specifically clients might already be having your existing fax number.

How do I read the faxes I receive?

It is as simple as receiving and reading an email. All you have to do is log in to the email account you have linked and you would find the faxes there. The format of your received documents would be either in the form of a pdf or tiff attachment. Open any email you want to and double click the attachment to read it.

Can I use my mobile phone to send and receive faxes?

Yes, lots of service providers offer mobile app in order to provide a better service and convenience of use. When you have mobile app, you also get notified timely whether your faxes have been sent or not. These mobile apps are compatible with iOS and android phones.

How do I make sure if, or not I want to invest in the service?

Online fax service providers have made it quite easy and simple to decide whether you want to pay for the services. Most of them provide a trial version that works just like the paid version. Using the trial version you get to explore all the features and decide if it is worth paying for it.

Can anyone send me a fax?

If you have an online fax number, and if the sender has your online fax number, that person can send you a fax. It doesn’t matter if the person is sending you a fax through a fax machine, or using an online fax service. All you need to receive a fax from anyone is an online fax number.