It’s 2017, and the age of buying assembled computers is over. Everyone wants to build their computer, It’s not just cool but involves a lot of learning. I am going to talk about “Why you should build a gaming computer” and “How you can build one.”

Firstly, why not just buy one from Amazon?

I am going to try my best to explain this question, In case you think I missed something let me know. Let’s suppose you want to build a mighty gaming computer which is good enough to run all latest and upcoming games in 4k smoothly. On the market, an assembled computer will cost you $3000-4000. But guess how much you can save if you build it yourself. It can be done under $2500. Yes, you heard it right. Note, I am talking about all latest hardware, like I7 7700K, best CPU cooler with the best-looking computer case and in case accessories like best computer fans, etc.
The saving is not the only factor for which you should build your computer. It’s also good from a learning point of view. You probably have no idea about parts inside your computer right now but looking for it for a bit can help you learn a lot. This is normal to not know about how CPU work or how ram stores data but you should at least have information about how they look and how they are installed.

Another question which I get a lot is why would they build a computer; it’s 2017, the new generation of computers are called laptops. Well, laptops are not made for gaming, If you are looking for something portable so you can do your homework while traveling in a car. Well go for it, but if you are looking to play competitive games with people online/friends, Laptop is never a good option. Why may you ask? Firstly, the medium budget laptop will probably not be able to run latest games smoothly. If you go for a costly one, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to play games while you are traveling in a car. These laptops can run hefty games, but they need a constant power source to perform well. After paying $5,000; All you will get is 10kg of weight in your bag.

I hope this answers your questions regarding “Why should you spend the time to build a gaming computer”. So let’s continue with how do you get started with building a gaming computer from buying correct parts, to checking compatibility and everything.

How To Build A Gaming Computer?

  1. You need first to decide a budget, For a general computer, it needs to be at least $1000. Anything lesser won’t stand up to your expectations.
    2. After you have made a budget. It’s time to list all the components you need.
  • Case Fan: Corsair Air Series AF120 is affordable and has outstanding performance. If you want to check out more options, This is the best source to help you choose best case fans for you,
  • CPU: The main processing unit of your computer. It will not cost as much as the GPU, but the correct selection is significant.
  • Mother Board: You can go for a here to choose a good mother board.
    -Ram: You can get any 2500+ Mhz memory. 16-32 GB of ram is more than enough for a gaming pc.
    I am only going to talk about major components; You can easily find enough information on keyboard and mouses etc., So I am not going to discuss them in detail.

Choosing the parts, This is the most important step.
For your CPU, It depends on your budget. Let’s consider you have about $200 total budget for the build; I suggest going with the I7 6700k. It is an excellent processor. You can get a GTX 1080; It is capable of playing latest and upcoming titles.

Now we have come to the most important part of a gaming build, and that is choosing a correct cooling system for your computer.
The best is to go with a dry air cooler if it’s your first computer build. Preferably crosshair AF120 case fans. These are 120mm fancy looking and outstanding performance fans. The best part about these is that they are very affordable and you will have no problem fitting them in your budget. There are several other case fans too but some are either very expensive or perform really bad, This one comes right in the middle

Now you are almost done with your gaming computer. You have gained enough knowledge about how to build your personal computer and assemble each a every part. Also you have knowledge about the best parts which make a computer a good computer. If you would like to ask any questions or want my help to build your pc, Drop a comment down below.