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The expectations of any businessman or investor are to see results after investing considerable resources in a venture. This the reason why businesses that engage SEO experts anticipate some results, and the most measureable parameter when it comes to SEO is an increase in traffic. However, with SEO there are no tangible results to show immediately after the work is completed and it may take several months before a positive change in traffic can be observed. In some cases, it may never be observed but that does not mean the SEO work was a big flop.

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Below are some ways in which an SEO vendors may convince their client that their SEO efforts will bring traffic to the clients’ site.

The most important thing in SEO is ROI and not traffic

It is crucial to understand that traffic is not the most important result of SEO efforts. On the contrary, ROI, or simply, the incremental income due to the SEO efforts is a better measure. Presumably, the higher the traffic, the higher the ROI. If traffic goes up without an increase in ROI, it would be better to advise the customer to go for Pay-per-click (PPC) that goes well with conversions.

Explain to your client what traffic to expect based on realistic dimensions blog link

As an SEO professional, it is crucial to discuss with your client the approximate number of conversions to expect and in what time to expect them. You may need to explain to your client that SEO results takes time to become noticeable. Some clients may have unrealistic goals that after spending considerable monies in a SEO campaign, they will rank higher on the first page of search engine results. However, this is quite an ambitious expectation.

Keep constant communications with your client

As is the case with all business engagements, clear communication is crucial, and an SEO campaign should not be an exception. It is advisable to send reports to your client on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis on the progress of their project. The reports let the owner or the management know how far you have gone.

Some important indicators that an SEO campaign was successful

Having clarified to the client about what results to expect in terms of traffic to their site and approximately in what time to expect the results, these are some indicators that your SEO efforts were successful:

  1. Improved ranking for minor words. Higher ranking for major keywords is what is anticipated but it may take longer. In the meantime you can report on improved ranking for minor words
  2. Rising in number of unique keywords that direct users to the site
  3. Improved ranking in other search engines besides Google
  4. Greater visibility in the social media platforms which may be indicated by an increase in the numbers of followers on Twitter, more friends on Facebook and so on.

Reporting on some results that may take long to manifest or may not manifest in the form that is expected by the client may be a daunting task. However, the above parameters may make it easier to do so.