How can a Question, answer and money be linked up? How can they be related? There is an interconnection between knowledge and money. Whatever we have in our brain or mind, it will fetch up money to us at any cost either directly or indirectly. The idea we have is been applied to the work. This work makes our livelihood. Many of us are very much dreamy about certain things. Certain things appeal to be impossible though they are possible. This possible dream which seems to be impossible is because of the fact that it carries a massive magnitude of greatness. We assume ourselves to be not potential enough to make the dreams real. There comes the game play «Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?».The game help in making our fascinations real and it relates question, answer and money.

How to win Big?

The game has questions in hierarchy and there is money associated with it. The first question carries an amount of $100 and it goes up the lane to the 15th question which carries an amount of $1000000. As you go on giving the answers, the money associated to the answered questions gets into your kitty.  Who wants to be a millionaire is the game that has been so trending from many years. The level of difficulty changes for every three questions. I.e. there are totally 5 levels. There are 3 main stops for every 5 questions. I.e. you will have the first big amount at 5th and then the next big amount at 10th followed by the highest amount at 15th. One has to compulsorily reach the first main stop to take money from the game. He must answer the 5 questions without which he will not get any money despite of having answered the other 4 or 3 or 2 or 1. There are lifelines in the game which are 50/50, phone a friend, Ask the audience.

  • 50/50 is a life line where two out of four options are removed making easy for the player to choose between the remaining two options. Sorting out logically will be easy for 2 options rather than 4
  • Phone a friend is a lifeline where in you get a chance to call somebody who is knowledgeable enough to answer the question which you were unaware of.
  • Ask the audience is a life line by which you get a chance to ask the audience around. They can help you to answer the question correctly in case if you don’t know.

There occurs a problem of decision when you cross the first main stop. After winning an amount of $1000 for the fifth question, your kitty will get funded with the money your answered question carries. Suppose now you have answered 7th question then the amount in your kitty will be $4000. When reached the second main stop then if you answer wrong, you will fall back to first main stop irrespective of the fact that you have answered 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.  So having lifelines saved can help you at crucial stages like theses. So if one is not sure of the 10th answer then it s better to take the option of ‘quit’ as you will get money assigned for the 9th question otherwise you will get down to the first main stop i.e. 5th question. So all that need to be said is once you cross first main stop it is better to leave in case of not knowing rather than guessing and trying out luck. This strategy is best for anyone to follow.