Project Management softwares are essential utility applications that are an important part of any business organisation. However there are still certain tasks like time scheduling, payroll management and keeping track of employee productivity which can be quite daunting for the HR department. However, coming up of work smart mobile applications have today made this task much easier letting you perform the most hectic tasks at the instance of a single click from your mobile.

As a manager or head of the department, whether you want to keep a check on employee work status or want to engage in minute to minute tracking of their employees, the time clock wizard applications helps you perform it in the most easiest and hassle free manner that you could possibly have never imagined!

Offering a comprehensive guide on the multi-faceted features of this utility application, we let you explore the diverse functions that could make your workflow management easier and smoother.

Work management and time scheduling

In case of bigger projects where there is a huge investment involved, the number of peoplethat are involved in a project team are also large. Hence, extensive task distribution andpriority scheduling is involved that has to be not only manually assigned but also kept atrack of. Timeclock wizard has a multi task management tool that makes the process very easy foryou. Also with a task status caption, you can always update the progress of your project byticking against any two options: Done or Not Done. Moreover you can always set in deadlines, send task reminders and urgent notifications to employees to speed up their work and bring them to call.

Payroll Management

Possibly being the most crucial tasks that would require customisable robust software can now be done using this smile clock wizard app. You can manage even the lengthiest of excel sheets, read, review and edit accounts directly using its simple tools. The payroll management functionally will let you produce instant results ensuring any hindrance to the present workflow letting you manage this daunting task in a short span of time and ease.

Employee friendly customisable interface

Offering the best employee solutions at the platform of web, the app interface is quite easy to use designed to suit business needs of small as well as large business organisations. Simple tools and icons make it very easy for the managers to create daily schedules, monitor progress and manage time sheets. The employees can also easily request changes, respond to their duty calls or send in applications via accessing their dashboard. Other additional features of the application involve:

  • Paid Time Benefit Request
  • Request for change in shift hours
  • View and Update work schedule

Available at the platform of android and iOS ,there can be nothing more friendly than this work efficient multi utility application making it perhaps so high in the ratings of top work smart applications available at the platform of mobile.