Owners of Alcatel One Touch, there are some good news for you. If your smartphone is currently under lock by some of the world’s major network carriers, then now you have the exclusive opportunity to change this. There is a new unlock service that utilizes the IMEI code of the smartphone and which can remove the lock directly from the database servers of the network carrier. On top of that, the procedure is legit and is cost free. The method which we recommend does not require from the users to download suspicious hacking tools or mount hardware components into the smartphone. All that is needed is the 15 digit IMEI number which can be found by simply dialing the number *#06# or by going to Settings-General-About.

Unlock Steps

 In this short guide we will explain in details everything you need to know about the unlock process of your Alcatel One Touch smartphone. Once you have completed the unlock with our method , then no longer you will have to worry about the network restrictions and limitations which the carriers impose to their users in order to make them use their services only.

The list of benefits when the unlock is successfully conducted are enormous.

For example the user of fully unlock Alcatel One Touch will no longer have to worry about the expensive roaming tariffs when traveling abroad, because the smartphone will work with any SIM card, and you can easily buy a SIM card from the local network provider and make calls at domestic rates and prices.

Also, there is no risk at all when conducting the unlock procedure and you do not have to worry that your device may be in danger and eventually damaged. Everything is safe, and you can do the unlock remotely from the comfort of your house.

How to unlock my Alcatel One Touch smartphone???

 You can begin the unlock procedure by downloading the Alcatel One Touch unlock application. After that, just follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Connect your Alcatel one Touch and the device to which you have installed the unlock application
  2. Launch the unlock app
  3.  Once the program is started, you will notice that there are empty fields in which you will need to type some data about your Alcatel One Touch smartphone.
  4. Enter the IMEI code, the network carrier to which it is locked and the country
  5. Press Continue
  6. Now the unlock will begin
  7. Wait several minutes
  8. Once you receive an unlock code turn off your smartphone
  9. Turn on the Smartphone  again, and enter the unlock cod you have received
  10. Turn off the device again, insert a new SIM card from different mobile operator and enjoy using your newly unlocked Alcatel One Touch smartphone.